6 thoughts on “Town Committee Imposes 90-Day Demolition Delay on St. Aloysius-Owned House on Maple Street

  1. We have been St Aloysius parishioners since 1960 and are in favor of the 30 Maple Street building demolition.

    Stapleton Hall is the true historic and architectural gem on the campus and has been very well maintained by the Church for decades.

    Tom Cassidy

  2. The date of the church is c1885, just a couple of years after the Red Cross building and during the Stick Style’s peak of popularity. It is in good, reparable condition and more thought should be put into possible uses.

  3. Let us not forget the “stucturally unsound” Outback that today, Lo! and behold! is still standing after another building expert was called in to assess the building. Perhaps a more geometric thought plan should be established to reconcile saving this New Canaan landmark for future student/office use as opposed to another forgettable modern structure.

  4. Does anyone remember the “beloved” carriage garage that a faction did not want torn down at Mead Park? Now that it is gone, I don’t see how anyone could say that we were better off with a decrepit barn instead of the beautiful year round vistas and seating area that replaced it.

  5. Hey Mimi, why don’t we put it next to the old library and see how many more sections of town you and your tree huggers can make look like crap.

    • Gary- As a self-proclaimed Tree Hugger, I say knock down the “stick style” and plant several trees in its place and enjoy the beauty of actual sticks, and the leaves come along at no extra cost.

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