10 New Canaanites Complete Boston Marathon


Congratulations to our New Canaan residents who participated in the Boston Marathon on Monday.

Mike O'Neill of New Canaan runs the 2015 Boston Marathon.

Mike O’Neill of New Canaan runs the 2015 Boston Marathon.

Here’s a wrap-up of how they finished.

The information comes directly from the Boston Athletic Association website:

Results: New Canaanites in the Boston Marathon, 2015

Larry Ikard401:29:183:01:06409th
Mike O'Neill511:39:243:23:42585th
Jim Santora501:38:373:26:24701st
Melissa Cutler431:45:513:37:55570th
Emily Merritt421:45:243:38:09584th
Thomas Robey551:45:533:39:40659th
Julie Lynn591:54:024:03:39226th
David Keeffe582:06:134:18:181,257th
Jeremy Goodman472:11:304:40:102,328th
Scott Stallings432:09:094:40:301,971st
* Source: Boston Athletic Association

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