Street Style: Monochromatic Trends

For this installment of Street Style, we stopped Darien resident Kitty Crosby, a member of University of Michigan’s Class of 2021, on Elm Street to ask about her classic summer style. NewCanaanite: What are you wearing today? Kitty Crosby: I’m wearing a black cropped sleeveless top from Aritzia, black and white gingham pants from, and some sandals I’ve had forever-they’re likely Steve Madden. How would you describe your usual style? I really try to mix it up and dress to the occasion, kind of a fashion chameleon if you want to put it that way.

Richmond Hill Neighbors Weigh In on Future of ‘Mead Park Brick Barn’

The pending demolition of the Mead Park Brick Barn has drawn polarizing reactions from the community—while preservationists advocate for its historical and cultural value, at least some of those who favor its razing live in the long-vacant building’s immediate area. Amy Wilkinson lives in the townhouse off of Richmond Hill, and said she is “very much anticipating the demolition of the structure” and is “very happy it is finally going to happen. The building is “an eyesore” for residents and “doesn’t have a particular function and it hasn’t for a long time,” she told NewCanaanite on a recent afternoon. According to Sandy Kelly, a relative newcomer tof Richmond Hill Road, the decaying structure has not been actively preserved and has attracted “delinquent behaviors” in some cases. Wilkinson confirmed that there is “a tendency for people to hang out around here.”

According to Chris Orelup of Richmond Hill Road has described the building as an “eyesore” and noted that demolishing up with open up the neighborhood to “an uninterrupted view of Mead Park from Richmond Hill and Grove that will be lovely.”

“I believe that the vast majority of those who actually live in the neighborhood will be very glad to have it gone,” Orelup said.

“Mead Park Brick Barn” Demolition Delayed for 90 Days in 3-2 Vote

The impending demolition of the “Mead Park Brick Barn” has been delayed 90 days due to a 3-2 vote by the town’s Historical Review Committee at a Aug. 9 meeting. The decision was reached after member Ed Vollmer switched his vote to support the delay. Vollmer said he was “torn” over his decision because of its proven historical significance, but also concerned about the future of the building. Chairman Mike Ferrell and Laslow Pap voted to not approve the delay due to the low probability of funds being raised for the renovations, as well as the building’s uncertain future.

Locals Take to the Outdoors During New Canaan Summer

With the peak of a brutally hot summer upon us, many New Canaan residents in town during these “dog days” are taking advantage of the sunny skies and extended daylight by enjoying the town’s many parks and outside spaces. In addition to Waveny, with its vast lawn and wooded trails, Grace Farms and Kiwanis Park, residents say outdoor dining, downtown New Canaan strolls and visits to other open spaces keep them in touch with each other and Mother Nature. “I love taking walks in town with friends and other babies,” new mom Chelsea Warner on a recent afternoon as she sat with Sara Driscoll at the Mead Park Lodge. Driscoll, a brand new resident, said she also has enjoyed Irwin Park. “It’s really easy to push a stroller in there and it’s a good way to get together with other friends in town, too,” she said.

‘A Labor of Love’: Friends of Mead Park Playground Reach Fundraising Goal

New Canaan residents Monica Chimera and Allyson Mahoney, founders of the nonprofit group Friends of Mead Park Playground, have announced that the organization has reached its fundraising goal of over $200,000 for new play equipment at Mead Park. Chimera and Mahoney are working in conjunction with the New Canaan Community Foundation to construct the state-of-the-art playground. The project includes a new main structure, as well as secondary stations, combined with a Poured In Place rubberized surface to replace the mulch currently covering the area. The project will be completed by GameTime. The nearly 20-year-old structure has fallen into disrepair.