Street Style: Monochromatic Trends


For this installment of Street Style, we stopped Darien resident Kitty Crosby, a member of University of Michigan’s Class of 2021, on Elm Street to ask about her classic summer style.

NewCanaanite: What are you wearing today?

Kitty Crobsy on Elm Street. Credit: Catherine Gorey

Kitty Crosby: I’m wearing a black cropped sleeveless top from Aritzia, black and white gingham pants from, and some sandals I’ve had forever-they’re likely Steve Madden.

How would you describe your usual style?

I really try to mix it up and dress to the occasion, kind of a fashion chameleon if you want to put it that way. Like today I’m getting brunch with some friends, so I dressed up and focused on the trends. But if I’m not going anywhere or doing anything special that day, it’s very likely I’ll be in sweats and old sport shirts.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

I don’t love going out to stores, I find it pretty tiring.  So I do a lot of online shopping, I’ve also gotten into the habit of it since I’ve been away at school. I really like Lulu’s, which is online only, Urban Outfitters is a staple, and I also like Caren Forbes in town. I also love thrifting, it’s a really fun and more sustainable way to get unique stuff.

How would you describe your style compared to the typical style of New Canaan?

 I’d say among the younger people in town the style is very classy but also edgy and trendy. There is that stereotypical flashing of brands, so it’s definitely upscale in the sense that you’ll see a lot of designer bags, belts and shoes when you walk around the downtown.

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  1. Ben, good point! It would be very interesting to find out how many people actually purchased their entire outfit from New Canaan. My guess is that it would be a very small per cent.

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