Biz on Biz: Vandy Reh Likes The Whitney Shop


As part of the “Biz on Biz” series—where local business owners give us tips about favorite products or services at other businesses—we stopped by Brad and Vandy Reh Fine Jewelry on Elm Street.

Vandy Reh at her shop. Credit: Catherine Gorey.

A family business, Brad Reh and his wife Vandy run the New Canaan shop that specializes in estate and signed jewelry from brands such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Boucheron, Tiffany and Bulgari.

When asked about a favorite product or service at another local business, Vandy Reh said she struggles to choose just one to focus on, spotlighting Found, Dorothy Mann, Sara Campbell, Francos, Shoes ‘N’ More and Groove.

“It’s hard for me because to be honest with you I try to buy from everybody,” Randy Veh said. “I really want all of us to help each other.”

“She likes the whole block,” said Brad Veh, overhearing his wife’s comments.

“It’s true I do,” she said. “I think there’s a variety of things that you can buy in town that you can’t buy in other places, especially The Whitney Shop.”

Unique items are The Whitney Shop’s specialty. The shop is owned by Caron

Whitney Shop’s seasonal displays. Credit: Catherine Gorey.

Steinfeld, who stocks the store with unique home decorations and gifts for her shoppers. Items include lobster-shaped cheese platters, blue and white paper lanterns, and themed china.

“You just don’t find these kinds of items at any store you walk into,” said salesperson Elizabeth Ker as she pointed out the various displays set up around the store’s floor.

“We’re very seasonal so at this time of year all the nautical and sea-oriented items are very popular,” Ker said. “All the shells, flowers, lobsters, beach, things like that.”

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