Street Style: Monochromatic Trends

For this installment of Street Style, we stopped Darien resident Kitty Crosby, a member of University of Michigan’s Class of 2021, on Elm Street to ask about her classic summer style. NewCanaanite: What are you wearing today? Kitty Crosby: I’m wearing a black cropped sleeveless top from Aritzia, black and white gingham pants from, and some sandals I’ve had forever-they’re likely Steve Madden. How would you describe your usual style? I really try to mix it up and dress to the occasion, kind of a fashion chameleon if you want to put it that way.

Street Style: DIY Edition

With summer in full swing, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of athletic shorts and tank tops. Kelly Adams of Ridgefield, who graduated from St. Luke’s this past spring, knows how to look stylish without sacrificing the comfort of those pieces. NewCanaanite: What are you wearing today? Kelly: I just put on an off-the-shoulder top from Brandy Melville in navy, which has been my favorite color to wear. The shorts are actually old jeans that my friend found at Goodwill and cut into shorts.

Street Style: ‘Be Yourself, Dress How You Like’


For this installment of “Street Style,” we caught up with New Canaan’s Lauren Palladino, who owns The Candy Scoop (down the side alley at the top of Elm Street, right next to New Canaan Music) with her sister, Megan. As always, many thanks to our Street Style subject for participating in this feature. Here’s our chat:

New Canaanite: How would you describe your personal style? Lauren: Definitely comfortable, classic, neutral tones. But I like color as well, especially as spring is approaching.

Street Style: ‘A Nice Pair of Boots Is Key’


For this installment of Street Style—our second, after catching up with Lucy and Poppy from Jolly Old one week ago—we talk to Tori Caserta. She’s a Stamford resident who has been working since around Thanksgiving at Pimlico, a “Unique Chic” home furnishings, fixtures and accessories shop on the corner of South and Elm. New Canaanite: What are you wearing? Tori: I’m wearing women’s brown Timberland shin-high boots, Madewell jeans, a Fossil black belt, a Madewell shirt and a blue blazer. How would you describe in one phrase or sentence your own style sense?