Street Style: ‘Be Yourself, Dress How You Like’

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For this installment of “Street Style,” we caught up with New Canaan’s Lauren Palladino, who owns The Candy Scoop (down the side alley at the top of Elm Street, right next to New Canaan Music) with her sister, Megan.

As always, many thanks to our Street Style subject for participating in this feature. Here’s our chat:

New Canaanite: How would you describe your personal style?

Lauren Palladino. Credit: Michael Dinan

Lauren Palladino. Credit: Michael Dinan

Lauren: Definitely comfortable, classic, neutral tones. But I like color as well, especially as spring is approaching. I’m definitely into the light blues and pinks.

What are you wearing today?

Today I’m wearing Michael Kors boots and a black shirt from Macy’s with Express skinny jeans.

How would you describe the fashion sense of New Canaanites?

I think, generally, this town has great fashion. We have great stores to go to and shop at. We’re standing right next to Sarah Campbell. We’ve got TOGS. We’ve got Shoes ‘N’ More for great shoes. There really are not a lot of stores in town that I haven’t shopped at.

What would be your personal style tip?

Be yourself, dress how you like, don’t let anybody try and change you. Everybody has a different style. I’m more of the comfortable-but-try-to-look-nice, while others prefer walking around in heels and that’s comfortable for them.

Well said. Thank you.

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