Letter: Support the New Canaan Community Foundation This Holiday Season

Dear Editor,

As we near the end of 2019 I am writing to express why I think it is beneficial and important to support the New Canaan Community Foundation with a year-end gift. 

Over the years I have volunteered for the New Canaan Community Foundation in different capacities and currently serve on its Events & Communications Committee. 

The Community Foundation is a very well run organization with professional staff and active Board members and hundreds of volunteers. 

The New Canaan Community Foundation supports most of our local non-profits including the New Canaan Land Trust, The New Canaan Library, ABC House, the New Canaan Nature Center, and the New Canaan YMCA, just to name a few of the organizations it assists by providing grants to many projects worthy of funding. 

A gift to our local foundation truly supports our community in so many ways, including helping families with urgent needs. 

During this holiday season I would like to encourage you to give to our local community foundation and thereby show your support of the community so many of us are grateful to call home. 


Christina Fagerstal

Letter: In Support of Waveny’s Oenoke Ridge Proposal 

Dear Editor,

Since I was not given the opportunity to speak at the Planning & Zoning meeting [Tuesday] night, I am writing to express my personal support for the proposed project for a Waveny CCRC on Oenoke Ridge Road. There are many considerations for approving the proposed CCRC or not allowing the proposed project to go forward. I am a twenty-year resident of New Canaan and an active community volunteer. My husband and I have raised our three children in New Canaan and are very grateful to be members of this wonderful community,

What I did not hear mention of at last night’s Planning & Zoning hearing was the predicament many persons in my generation face when trying to care for their elderly parents and relatives. There are very limited resources for elder care in New Canaan, and we need to support those resources we have.

Letter: Kit Devereaux ‘Most Experienced and Qualified’ To Be First Selectman

Dear Editor:

My husband and I are 19-year residents of New Canaan, and have raised three children in this community. I am writing to encourage all citizens to vote in our municipal election this year. We can come together in a bipartisan manner to elect Kit Devereaux as our First Selectman. I endorse Kit because she is the most experienced and qualified to be our Town leader. Kit has extensive experience serving our Town government, including positions on the Board of Finance, Town Council, and Parks & Recreation.

Letter: Grace Farms ‘Enriches Our Community’

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my appreciation and support of a New Canaan community asset, Grace Farms. Grace Farms run by the Grace Farms Foundation has multiple functions: including community and religious. This year I had the opportunity to become better acquainted with Grace Farms, when as a board member of a local community organization I was able to hold a meeting for our members in its West Barn Hall. The staff at Grace Farms is highly professional and at all times exhibit the utmost concern for their operations and any events they host. Our group was very made to feel welcome and well taken care of. In addition, I am very impressed by the commitment of the Grace Farms Foundation to the preservation of the environment.

Letter: ‘Women’s March’ in Stamford a Well-Organized, Peaceful Exercise of Free Speech

Dear Editor,

I was proud to participate in the Women’s March in Stamford. The march was supposed to be a rally held in an auditorium at UConn Stamford, but as the number of people marching grew larger and larger, organizers had to move the rally to Mill River Park. Fortunately, the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed a very positive experience throughout. Our local rally was expertly organized. I’d like to thank the Stamford police for protecting our First Amendment rights and making sure everything ran smoothly.