Op-Ed: New Canaan Library Deserves Better

One of New Canaan’s most compelling attributes is its sense of community, in particular the cooperative and supportive nature of our citizenry. Growing up here, I have always been most proud when New Canaan public entities and private donors work together to invest in institutions and activities that are iconic to our identity: leading edge schools and sports programs, caring community services and iconic traditions like carol singing and Waveny’s Fourth of July celebration. During this unprecedented and difficult time of COVID, I have been proud to see New Canaan come together in its best nature to support neighbors and turn out for events like the peaceful protest and the New Canaan High School graduation parade. Therefore, I am very dismayed and saddened by the mean-spirited and rancorous rhetoric coming from a small number of disgruntled citizens about the longstanding and exemplary service that the New Canaan Library has provided to our community for more than 140 years. Our library is one of our most successful examples of a public-private partnership that serves our community and enhances our town.