Letter Opposed to Proposed Retirement Complex on Oenoke Ridge: ‘New Canaan Is a Village’

To the Editor, 

I am writing to encourage members of our town’s Planning and Zoning Commission, leaders of our community and other concerned citizens to reconsider the proposed location for a retirement complex at 65 Oenoke Ridge Road. As a lifelong resident of this community, whose father was the founding president of Waveny Care Center and whose mother proposed the first plan for assisted living to the town of New Canaan back in the 80’s, concern for our aging citizens and their quality of life is in my blood. In the past I’ve served on Waveny Care Center’s Board of Directors and I am currently on the Advisory Board to Staying Put in New Canaan. I am in full support of a plan to create housing for seniors, particularly if it offers graduated levels of care, but I am not in support of the proposed plan that would be located at 65 Oenoke Ridge Road. 

As the gateway into and out of downtown, the campus that exists between and around the Historical Society, St. Michael’s and St.

Letter: Roger Sherman Neighbor Urges P&Z To Turn Down Developer’s Plan

With the Planning and Zoning Commission approaching its decision regarding Andy Glazer’s proposed plan for the Roger Sherman Inn property, I want to thank its members for the time they’ve put into deliberating this so carefully. I also want to reiterate a primary concern shared by my neighbors on Holmewood Lane and beyond. When some of us attended the first public hearing several months ago, we feared that minds had already been made up in favor of the project, but the time that’s lapsed since then would suggest that voices of concern have been heard and the matter is getting the careful consideration it deserves. The citizens of New Canaan depend on P&Z and all town officials to protect the property values of existing taxpayers, even when tempted by incremental tax dollars. For the record, this is not about Mr. Glazer or the quality of his work.

Letter: Plans for Roger Sherman Inn Represent ‘Creep of Cluster Housing’

About the proposed plans for the Roger Sherman Inn site: Today, if you’re driving north on Oenoke, passing St. Mark’s, First Presbyterian and the Nature Center, you’d say you were leaving town—that town was behind you. In that sense you’d be thinking of town as the denser, concentrated part of our community where stores, restaurants, businesses and private residences are conveniently clustered close to one another. If you lived even as close as say, the Roger Sherman Inn, Holmewood, Hampton or Gerrish Lanes, you’d say you live close to town, in walking distance to town, but you probably wouldn’t say you live “in town.” Would you agree? If you agree, then please consider the impact of the proposed plan for the site of the Roger Sherman Inn and the new “floating zone” language that P&Z is seriously considering in order to create more density housing and allow a total of seven homes clustered tightly together on this 1.683 acres.