Letter: First Selectman Candidate Craig Donovan Has ‘Balanced View of New Canaan’

I turn on the TV or read an article and if it is something related to Washington, D.C. I quickly become disgusted. Hyper partisanship and everything that ensues from it is a destructive force, whether it is in Washington or the halls of the capital in Hartford. In this increasingly divisive environment, I hope that most will still consider the individual and not just the party affiliation. 

It is in this context that I support Craig Donovan. Craig has a balanced view of New Canaan. He recognizes there are many things great about our town—the charming downtown and open spaces, the parents who are highly invested in their kids’ education and a core group of generally excellent teachers and administrators, the friendliness of most people, among other factors—and there a number of things that need to be improved.  Namely, transportation, budget transparency, strategic planning, and fiscal spending.

Op-Ed: Rocketing Tax Rates, Declining Property Values

I needed an attention grabber for a title, but this piece focuses on the implications of publicly available data and is not intended to be provocative. It is a summary of how your tax dollars are being spent locally and what needs to be done to change it if we are going to start being fiscally responsible and have the best shot at maintaining, or I dare say, growing property values over time. Although the topic may seem boring, bear with me, because the numbers are enthralling…unfortunately in a bad way currently. First, a caveat in anticipation of some nasty and/or ignorant responses that will likely come my way for discussing the fiscal reality behind the veneer: we have excellent schools, a beautiful town and everyone I know, including myself, wants to keep it that way. I have gone to Hartford to give public testimony multiple times this year to fight against forced school regionalization as well as statewide car and property taxes that will exacerbate negative trends facing all residents. Second, my experience with every town representative I have talked to is that they are well intended people. They are representing us on a voluntary basis and have spent many hours in town meetings, along with work outside of meetings.