Letter: Two BOE Members Endorse Brendan Hayes and Julie Reeves


We are writing in support of both Brendan Hayes and Julie Reeves for re-election to the Board of Education. Brendan Hayes works hard to make sure New Canaan Public Schools efficiently educate each child to the fullest. He leverages his financial expertise to ensure that the Board of Education budgets are transparent, clear and deliver the maximum return on our Town’s investment. He serves on the BOE Resource Committee and updated the BOE policy that charges non-BOE entities for using school property. In recognition of his leadership, Brendan was elected Chair of the BOE this year, where he ably stewarded the budget through the town approval process and built strong relationships with town officials. Striving for the highest quality public education for New Canaan’s students comes naturally to Brendan Hayes. Brendan’s parents were teachers and then administrators.