Letter: Moving Traffic Island Will Speed Up Motorists

I have lived on Laurel Road for 45 years. Two observations:

Laurel Road drains traffic from the northeast corner of town. The traffic circle facilitates movement of this traffic rather than backing it up intolerably. That has proven to be very workable for all of us. Moving the traffic circle back into Laurel Road will turn Canoe Hill road into a speedway. Not wise at all.

Letter: In Support of Penny Young for Town Council

Unlike our national culture of celebrity which seems to thrive on attention-getting stridency, issue-creation, hyperbole and ‘alternative facts,’ our local town governmental process is at its best when its members are endowed with experience, civility, sobriety, and a firm grip on reality. For this reason I support the reelection of Penny Young to the Town Council. I have known Penny for four decades and, as you, have benefitted from her commitment to our community. She listens. She thinks.