Letter: First Selectman Addresses Issues Raised by Opponent


As stated in comments welcoming my opponent to the first selectman’s race, the community deserves a discussion on the issues. I was hopeful that the dialogue would be constructive and factually based; unfortunately that appears to not be the case. With so many “alternative facts” coming out of Washington, D.C., please allow me to get the discussion back on track here in New Canaan. Economic Development

My opponent states that if he were first selectman, he would follow Greenwich’s lead as Greenwich “just appropriated money to market their town.”

Here are the facts:

Greenwich is only six years behind New Canaan. Upon taking office, I personally created a line item in our annual budget for Economic Development.

Letter: Fine Day for a Parade and Tribute to Our Deceased Veterans

As I marched in our abbreviated parade Monday, I heard so many in the crowd offer up their thanks for the decision to hold our Memorial Day parade. Just like last year, when the threat of rain caused neighboring towns to cancel their parades and remembrances, New Canaan marched and remembered. We are a special community and we love our traditions. Some are joyous (the Family Fourth of July) some are religious (gatherings at Hanukkah and Christmas time on God’s Acre) and some are reflective (Veterans Day and Memorial Day observances). All of these form the bonds of our community and are marked on our calendars months in advance.

Letter: First Selectman Thanks Organizers of Friday Olympians’ Recognition

Dear Editor:

Just a quick note of thanks to all that made Friday’s celebration of our Olympic athletes such as a special night. Charlie Cole, Andrew Campbell and Thomas Dunstan (represented by his parents) proved why they are such champions—posing for pictures, granting interviews and having something impactful to say to all who stopped by to meet them. A big thanks go to Jay Egan who coordinated the entire night, Tucker Murphy who helped in so many facets of the celebration, the New Canaan Fire Company, #1 for providing the Honor Guard, my Assistant Pam Flynn who crafted the proclamations and Ellie Wright (NCHS graduate now at NBC Sports) for producing a tribute video that was absolutely captivating. As has been said many times before, some countries sent two athletes to the Rio games—New Canaan sent three! Congrats Olympic athletes.

‘The Responsibility I Take Most Seriously’: First Selectman Issues ‘Teen Center Timeline’

The town received the Teen Center building on June 30. Prior to that date, I publicly called for an independent, professional engineering study of the building so that town leaders could understand what condition the building was in and what the costs may be to bring it up to code or to attract certain uses. That decision was met with full acceptance. On July 19, we received the engineer’s report, which documented major issues with the building and put the town on notice of its un-safe condition. As the highest elected official and chief executive of the town, I made a decision then and there to heed the recommendations of the engineering report, along with our building and fire officials, to make that building off limits.

First Selectman: ‘Dismay and Concern’ Over State Cuts To Kids In Crisis

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my dismay and concern over the State budget cuts to Kids In Crisis. The State of Connecticut, due to budget constraints, has decided to cancel its contract with Kids In Crisis. This means that Southwestern Connecticut will no longer have State-supported emergency beds for children in need of temporary shelter when home is not safe. It also ends a public and private partnership between Kids In Crisis and the Department of Children and Families that has effectively and efficiently helped children in crisis for over 37 years. Since its founding in 1978, Kids In Crisis has helped more than 132,000 Connecticut children and families; last year, over 6,184 children and families received assistance from the organization.