Biz on Biz: Design Solutions Loves Gingerbitz; New Canaan Olive Oil Enjoys Pennyweights and Francos Wine Merchants


For this installment of Biz on Biz, we caught up with two New Canaan businesses, Design Solutions and New Canaan Olive Oil.


Pauline did not want to be photographed. Here is a picture of the inside of the Design Solutions store. Photo by Mackenzie Lewis

When we peeked our heads in Design Solutions we spoke with the owner, Pauline Dora and asked her about her favorite businesses in town. Pauline immediately commented that she loved all of the local businesses in New Canaan, but her favorite meal would have to be from Gingerbitz, the bakery across the street from her store on Elm Street.

“Gingerbitz, they have great food,” Pauline said. When asked what she liked at the bakery Pauline told the New Canaanite that the salad was her favorite. “They have a seasonal salad which is terrific.”


Caroline Kaplan of New Canaan Olive Oil. Photo by Mackenzie Lewis.

The owner of Gingerbitz, Karen Zuckert, was unable to comment as the bakery was not open today.

After speaking with Pauline, we made our way down to New Canaan Olive Oil and spoke with the popular shop’s Caroline Kaplan. When we asked her about favorite places in town she mentioned the jewelry store down the street from her business, also on Elm.  “Pennyweights is great [because they have] great jewelry at a low price,” Caroline said.

Caroline did not only want to speak highly about one business. She also added that the business next door to Pennyweights, Francos Wine Merchants, is one of her preferred stops in town because every time she picks up wine from there “they always give great advice,” as to what wine she should choose from.

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