3 thoughts on “Board of Ed Vows To Take Action on Rewritten Goal Around ‘Inclusive’ and ‘Equitable’ School Environment

  1. Alicia Meyer’s experiences related at the end of this article show the need for expert advice on this issue – whatever we are doing is not working. Admitting a painful truth is the first step toward finding a solution.

    • “Expert advice” begins with parents, Betsy. And New Canaan already has an outstanding community of experts who answer to “Mom” and “Dad”.

  2. The New Canaanite deserves credit and thanks for its close and thorough reporting of the BOE and the continuing developments in the wake of the DEI controversy.

    Also, Mike Roger’s comments were very much to the point. Though some members of the BOE seem to prefer closing New Canaan’s educational system to the realities of the world, that world exists, and, as Roger’s points out, it’s the world New Canaan students must cope with, for better or worse.

    Alicia Meyers’ observations, sadly, confirm the fact that DEI is the kind of educational framework New Canaan needs. The problem is extant, an important response to that problem is a curriculum focused on DEI.

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