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New Construction Planned for Devonwood Lane

The New Canaan Building Department last week received an application to construct a 10,700-square-foot home on a 4.56-acre Devonwood Lane property. The 14-room house planned for 95 Devonwood Lane will include six bedrooms, five full bathrooms, three half-baths and a gym, according to the June 11 application. The property was purchased for $2.4 million in 2014, tax records show. 

It’s owned by Phoenix Holdings LLC, whose managing partner is Eric Strachan of Watertown, according to Connecticut Secretary of the State records. Strachan also is listed as the contractor on the job. The home will cost an estimated $1.6 million to build. Continue Reading →

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‘Reinvestment in Our Community’: Building Department Sees Spike in Demo Permit Applications

The town has 17 pending demolition applications, the most that building officials say they can remember, and is a positive sign regarding development in New Canaan, according to longtime local builders. 

Nearly all of the applications are for residential projects such razing entire homes or demolishing garages, pools or barns, and more than half have come in since May, according to a review by 

“I don’t recall ever having this many pending demo application at one time,” Chief Building Official Brian Platz said. Geographically, the locations for the demos range from downtown out to the four-acre zone. “They are not really concentrated to one neighborhood,” Platz said. According to town resident Scott Hobbs, co-owner and project executive at New Canaan’s Hobbs, Inc., from the perspective of a builder, the environment right now “feels much better.”

“It seems that potential customers are much more confident,” Hobbs said. “I think also we are starting to see a shift of millenials who have children and are taking a hard at New York City to see if it still works for them or if they’re better off in the suburbs. Continue Reading →

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‘Hire Quality Contractors’: Two More Non-Permitted Demolitions in New Canaan

The New Canaan Building Department has received two applications for demolition jobs after-the-fact, one for a garage on Oak Street and another for what officials are calling a significant interior demolition on West Road. The non-permitted demolition at 534 West Road covers the interior of an entire wing of the 1928-built, 5,779-square-foot Colonial there, officials said. That work appears to have been done by an owner of the home, purchased last May for $1,950,000, according to tax records. The garage at 64 Oak St., a property that sold in March for $3,350,000, appears to have been done by a non-local contractor, officials said. New Canaan Chief Building Official Brian Platz urged homeowners to work with reputable contractors and check in with his office to ask any questions about what requires a permit. Continue Reading →

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