5 thoughts on “Chief: Two New Canaan Police Officers Risk Lives To Save Severely Burned Motorist

  1. Often we take our policemen and women for granted. They went above and beyond for this person without hesitation and New Canaan is very lucky to have them as part of their police force.
    Events could have taken a turn for the worse, and thankfully these officers were there right on time to react quickly and heroically to save this person’s life.
    What a great Christmas miracle!

  2. Truly brave men who will forever be our heroes. Stunning to think how they saved this person, risking their all. Thank you gentlemen and thank you to our Volunteer Ambulance Corp. God bless and keep you all safe.

  3. What courage these officers had! To attend to the victim’s burning body by using their own bare hands is magnificent.

    I thank the town for having such skilled police officers on our force.

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