14 thoughts on “Election 2023: Amy Murphy Carroll Announces Candidacy for First Selectman [Q&A]

  1. Amy Murphy Carroll will be a wonderful First Selectman. She is smart and knows finance as well as what New Canaan needs to move forward. Amy will listen and work collaboratively with others to get the job done. She has my vote.

  2. Fantastic news! Impeccable credentials and a proven steward of our town finances. More importantly, Amy has the temperament, collaborative management style and vision New Canaan needs at this juncture. She will lead with respect and inclusion. Looking forward to voting for Amy in November!

  3. Amy has long and very capably served our town for many years and in so many capacities–thrilled to support her for First!

  4. While serving on the Board of Education, I had the honor of working with Amy Murphy Carroll. She is a proven, bipartisan, impactful leader. She is truly motivated by what is best for New Canaan.

  5. Everyone who has worked with Amy Murphy Carroll in Town government and out will tell you she is very smart and a hard worker who studies and knows the issues. Amy has the professional background and character to be our town’s leader. Her heart is in the right place, so get to know Amy and come out and vote.

  6. Amy Carroll has exceptional qualifications (understanding a balance sheet matters!) and an impressive body of experience, work and achievement on various town committees. She is clear-eyed about problems that for years have resisted solutions — terrible cell service and noncompliance with affordable housing law come to mind — and we need someone who recognizes the problems if we’re to find a solution.

  7. Amy is someone who will bring a truly local, bipartisan style of leadership to New Canaan. One in which the entire community has a seat st the table when critical decisions ned to made. She will move New Cannan away from the slow creep of national, partisan agendas into town government. Nee Canaan needs. Fresh start, and Amy offers that promise.

  8. What an impressive candidate and inviting message about one new canaan. Grateful to have such a well qualified and proven leader running. Thanks Amy !

  9. With her announcement that she’s running for New Canaan First Selectman, Amy Murphy Carroll demonstrated that she has the expertise, background and deep commitment to collaborative leadership. Above all, she will always be guided by a determination to do what’s right for the town. As she put it in her announcement, the first selectman should be a “steward for the whole town, not just one person’s or one party’s priorities.” It’s all underscored by her campaign’s overarching message: “One New Canaan.”

    As a candidate for first selectman, Amy Murphy Carroll will take a proactive approach to workforce housing. By forging a plan, New Canaan can address the issue in a way that preserves the town’s character and honors a commitment to its many dedicated employees who have to commute long distances to fulfill their responsibilities. She cites the need to find a solution to the inadequate cell phone service in certain areas of town, but believes the residents most affected by the absence of bars on their phones, need to endorse a solution that is based on the best, and least intrusive, technology. And as a long-time member of the Board of Finance, she has shown an understanding and commitment to using our tax dollars most efficiently.

    As we choose our First Selectman in November, this time we should vote for a person who wants to lead the town as a whole, not its segments, understands the intricacies of municipal finance and has the disposition to encourage civility in our conversations so we can govern for all. For that reason, we should choose Amy Murphy Carroll to lead New Canaan come the next election.

  10. We would be fortunate to have Amy as our First Selectman. She has the composure to encourage participation at town hall, the strategic sense to get ahead of coming challenges, and the professional experience to do the best for New Canaan’s long-term success. I am very encouraged by this news.

  11. Wish Amy was running in Wilton. What a background! Wiltonites are very stuck as well with a partisan administration catering to a chosen few. Our town needs vitality not division!

  12. I love Amy Murphy Carroll. She is perfect for the job, and I hope she makes it to the finish. New Canaan needs someone who can help all of us be what we need to be and not be so divided on things. All the best to you, Amy!!!

  13. I have know Amy for some 58 years and I can say with out a doubt, you , the people of New Canaan would be blessed to have her as your next Selectman, no to mention she makes an incredible Strawberry shortcake Birthday cake 🎂. So do yourself a favor and NOMINATE AMY MURPHY CARROLL JULY 18 !

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