9 thoughts on “Election 2023: Matt Wexler Announces Candidacy for Board of Education [Q&A]

  1. You say “We have created an oasis that isolates us from the matters impacting the rest of the country.” like it’s a good thing and a goal. Shouldn’t our children know about regional, state and national matters when they leave “the bubble”?

    • Hi Toddy,
      In response to your question – it is a good thing and a goal. New Canaan is a premier destination for families who want to raise their families in such a loving and productive environment. There are very few towns in the country that can compare to New Canaan’s level of commitment to community, safety, service and to raising our children with the near infinite opportunities for them to explore and excel. Why wouldn’t we want to keep it that way? I never said they shouldn’t know about the world outside our town, but that doesn’t mean we need to invite it in.

  2. I don’t think you understood my comment. I mean that, although I agree New Canaan is a fabulous town, and a wonderful place to live (I have for 38 years), we and our children should not isolate ourselves from issues that affect us, such as lack of affordable housing for families, the increase in children with mental health issues, enduring racism, climate change, etc. I definitely mean that we should invite these matters in if it means facing needs in our community, and caring about the surrounding town which supply so many of our workers, including teachers and school staff.

  3. Toddy, I’m interested in your specific solutions to affordable housing as it relates to New Canaan. 1) Should the Karp developments proceed as planned? 2) How specifically should 8-30g be modified, if at all?

  4. #1. Should and will are two different thing. Let’s have coffee. #2. We should definitely have coffee!!