5 thoughts on “Election 2023: Democrats Put Up Three for BOE; Murphy Carroll Accepts First Selectman Nomination

  1. Wow Brendan, are you taking credit for the current start time scenario success. I remind you that for 2 years, including the very final vote on this solution (February of 2022 BOE Meeting) you were outwardly vocal about favoring a solution that was more extreme, with less consideration for elementary school kids and their families. If not for the understanding and wisdom of the other board members we may be having a very different conversation on school start times today.

    Now that the current scenario has proven to be successful and likely less disruptive” lo and behold” it was thanks to your efforts. That’s rich…

    However, thanks and appreciation should go out to the board members who favored THIS plan and a special thanks to the Dr Luizzi and the administration for developing this scenario and its successful implementation.

  2. I am a huge supporter of Brendan Hayes for BOE. His two-term track record as a board member is exemplary. He is consistently calm, intelligent, thoughtful, and measured in his words and decisions and constantly impresses me with his understanding of the NCPS budget and dedication to keeping increases to that budget at a minimum without cutting into important school programming. What James Yao fails to understand is that many of these important issues, and actually the start of Brendan’s BOE service, predate his time as a parent of school aged kids. The idea of shifting school start times began in earnest in 2015 and was initially met with solid resistance. It took years to even get to the vote James refers to. Decisions made by the BOE effect all NCPS families, not just those with the same particulars of James Yao’s family. Personally, when my kids were in elementary school they went to bed at 8pm and were up and ready to go at 6am with a solid 10 hours of sleep. We were able to keep this schedule because their afterschool activities also ended early. Now that they are teenagers, things like hockey practice and week-night games will often go past 10pm, making it much harder to fit in a full night’s sleep. James’ argument that a later start time at the high school would come at the expense of elementary kids’ sleep made no sense to me at all. In the end, we ended up with a compromise and it’s great news that the majority of New Canaan families report that it’s working well. I know it’s been a positive in my house. But to claim that Brendan has no right to site the implementation of later school times as BOE work he is proud of just because he voted for a slightly different iteration of the plan than you supported is myopic at best and disregards the years of work by BOE members, the school administration, and dedicated community members to get us to where we are today.

    • Jennifer Hladick, I am not sure what your thought process is, but you seem to imply that my dissatisfaction with the initial start time proposal was purely due to my circumstances followed immediately by a description of your very own circumstances which favored the other scenario. So, my initial consideration for my family should not matter, but your family’s situation should? Frankly, the fact that a 7:45AM start for Elementary school children would have been just fine with Brendan and you says volumes (but I guess it worked for you so it’s fine).

      It was Brendan’s consistent and uncompromising view that High Schoolers need to start at exactly 8:30AM and not a minute earlier or later that I took issue with. His apparent disregard for any other viewpoint or consideration of any other alternative is what I found most disturbing. It is simply not why I believe we vote for BOE members as our representatives. They are supposed to represent all students and not just some.

      Yes, I am very glad we arrived at the current scenario, which is a compromise that provides High Schoolers more sleep, without outsized burden on K-4 students. The fact that Brendan opposed this compromise and instead would opt for potentially harming our elementary school students and their families is disheartening (Refer to his comments at end of Feb 7th 2022 BOE meeting). Contrary to your characterization as a “slightly different iteration” the alternative solution meant that our youngest learners would have one of the earliest start times in all of CT. It meant 30 mins less sleep for many of our youngest and for commuters potentially the lost opportunity to spend time with their children in the evening. I am quite certain that the alternative, which again Brendan lobbied hard for, would have been more disruptive and likely less favorably received by stakeholders. I guess Brendan just can’t be on the wrong side of an issue for you, facts and evidence be damned…

  3. In my defense, I only included my personal situation as an example of the fact that there are alternatives to your’s. I do understand that different families have different preferences – that is exactly my point. I stand by my support for Brendan and my belief that he has and will continue to be an outstanding representative for all families, and able to see beyond the needs of one particular group. And you are welcome to rage against him over a 30 minute difference of opinion and write snarky, slightly aggressive comments. But since this debate ended with what looks to be a successful compromise it does look a little silly.