Election 2023: Matthew Campbell Announces Candidacy for Board of Education [Q&A]


Matthew Campbell

New Canaan resident Matthew Campbell has announced that he will seek a seat on the Board of Education. The Republican will seek party backing at the GOP Caucus on July 25. We put some questions to Campbell ahead of the Caucus, which is open to all registered New Canaan Republicans. 

Here’s our exchange.


New Canaanite: What is your background professionally and in terms of living and volunteering here in New Canaan? 

Matthew Campbell: I’m a credit investment professional with over 17 years of experience at premier financial institutions on Wall Street. I have extensive experience investing in primary and secondary credit markets mostly involving distressed debt in emerging markets. I have participated in several creditor committees, judicial and extra-judicial workouts and restructurings in the United States and throughout Latin America. I am currently a partner at a private markets investment firm in Darien where I specialize in private credit investments.  

I earned a B.S. in Accounting from Brigham Young University and I speak Portuguese and Spanish. 

I’ve lived in New Canaan with my family for ten years. We have four children – a 2021 graduate of NCHS, a rising senior at NCHS and two children in South School.  

I have served in several volunteer capacities in New Canaan including coaching my children’s sports teams and volunteering in my local church congregation. I currently serve on the Board of Directors of New Canaan Pops in the Park and as a Town Constable.   

Why are you running for Board of Education? 

I want to help preserve the excellent schools we have here in New Canaan. We moved our family here ten years ago, in large part, because of the schools. We’ve benefited greatly from the wonderful school system, and I feel responsible for helping to preserve that for my younger children and for all future New Canaan students.  

What do you view as the biggest issues facing our school district?  

Political distractions and safety.  

Political distractions: Our schools should focus on reading, writing and arithmetic. That’s a slight hyperbole but it reflects the sentiment of most families in New Canaan regardless of political affiliation. The purpose of public schools should be to educate our children, in communal fashion, in sciences and humanities. K-12 offers limited time to teach our children all the objective truths necessary for success in life. We cannot afford to distract our children with political agendas – from either side. We need to teach them how to think and not what to think. The public school system has a limited scope of responsibility, and most parents want the schools to respect those boundaries. 

Safety: We should have a school resource officer in every school. This is obvious. It’s perplexing that it hasn’t been done yet. I think this can also be attributed to political agendas at the expense of our children. We need to get this done immediately.   

How would you describe the ideal working relationship between the Board of Ed and district administration? 

Trust but verify. The role of the Board of Education is analogous to the role of a board of directors of a company. The board should provide oversight and accountability to the CEO (superintendent) as he executes the vision of the shareholders (parents and broader community). It’s inappropriate for a board to micromanage the CEO but it’s also irresponsible for the board to become too deferential to the CEO. There is an important balance that must be respected. 

Finally, tell us something about yourself that many New Canaanites likely don’t know. 

I was born in southern New Jersey but moved to rural Virginia after the third grade. I’m a Philly sports fan but I’m also a little country. I have a deep reverence for nature and wildlife. I enjoy cooking for friends and family. I also enjoy going on road trips and my children pretend to not enjoy it.

7 thoughts on “Election 2023: Matthew Campbell Announces Candidacy for Board of Education [Q&A]

  1. Great to see Matt running for the school board. I don’t know anyone who gives more back to his community. I’ve lived in New Canaan for 5 years and I’ve seen how he routinely helps others — just a few examples include traveling to Hartford every day over several weeks to be with and support a friend recovering from major surgery, or doing a Fall yard cleanup for an older New Canaan resident, or driving an hour to pick up a neighbor who’s been stranded with car trouble.

    Matt constantly goes out of his way to make things better for the community. He genuinely cares about New Canaan, and his leadership on the school board would be a huge asset for NCPS, our kids, and the town.

  2. Matt is an amazing man with a balance of enjoying his family and having high expectations. He has a way of focusing on what is most important and serving others. If this vote didn’t take place at such an ODD time of year or at least provided absentee ballots- Matt would clearly have our vote.

  3. Matt is a phenomenal candidate with a wealth of knowledge that would be a welcome addition to the board with a fresh new perspective!

  4. I’ve known Matt for more than 15 years. He’s an amazing father, husband, neighbor and friend. He will be an incredible advocate for the families of New Canaan. Matt is a natural leader and is passionate about the community and our children’s education. New Canaan will be so fortunate to have him serving in this capacity!

  5. Matt will make an excellent member of the New Canaan Board of Education. He’s a caring and pragmatic leader and is keenly aware of the most important issues affecting New Canaan children. I’m happy to see a person of his character, perspective and experience entering the race. Go Matt!

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