Forest Street Restaurant Aces Re-Inspection by Health Officials

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A restaurant on Forest Street last week earned a perfect score during a re-inspection by local health officials who had recently flagged an issue with a sink.

During an unannounced July 18 inspection at Tequila Mockingbird, a sanitarian in the New Canaan Health Department found that there was “no hand washing sink at the bar” after a temporary sink was removed as it didn’t fit due to a new beverage refrigerator,” according to the sanitarian’s report.

Inspectors use a state Department of Public Health standard, citing eateries for violations that range in seriousness and corresponding weight from one to four points. A “failed” inspection is triggered either by one or more four-point or “risk factor” violations, or a total score of less than 80 points.

Tequila Mockingbird scored a total of 87 points.

The re-inspection in this case was to take place by Aug. 1, the report said.

Reached by, owner Paul Tully said conveyed the information that Tequila scored a perfect 100 points on the re-inspection.

“It’s a necessary step that every town and city has,” Tully said. “You have to have an inspection—an inspector comes in they look around and do the inspection and write up a report. Once they write it up, you correct the items they ask you correct and they reinspect. They came back and we got 100 on Thursday morning.”

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