9 thoughts on “Formal Objection Filed To Planned Demolition of God’s Acre House

  1. Great to know the extensive history and local cultural significance of this property. But how can demolition even be discussed as an option if it’s in New Canaan’s Historic District? Isn’t that why an Historic District was established?

  2. We would like everyone who suggests we save the front exterior of this house to visit it and tell us exactly what we should be saving. What we have offered to save/replicate is the exterior look and facade. The current lack of structural framing in this house does not come close the current building code that we need to follow. Regrettably the house has been renovated and re-sided numerous times so little of what is left is historic. The reason we are requesting the demo permit is to rebuild/replace the existing facade. The many renovations combined with 7+ years of neglect is what has brought us to the demo request. What is important for the Town of New Canaan is the look of the facade which we propose to rebuild and replicate.

  3. Your argument is weak since you state in the article you want to increase the size of the house. It is a Historic area. I believe keeping houses to original size and scale ( especially the facade) has been important and is understood when one purchases in an important historic area. I have an old house all original molding can be remilled. I will be curious to attend the Historic Commussiob meeting to see what real experts say.

  4. A dictionary defines replica as “an exact copy of something, especially on a smaller scale” or “an exact copy in all details”. Words have meaning. The illustration of the proposed new building looks like a replica of a typical McMansion. So there will be a very big McMansion sitting smack in the middle of the historic district if this is allowed to happen.

  5. The proposed home is actually 15% less square footage than the existing. This home has had additions cobbled on over the years to get to the size that it is now – we’d be reducing the footprint. When looking at a drawing without trees, in a way you’d never actually be able to see it in real life, it can throw the viewer off.

    Keep in mind that virtually every structure in the Historic District has had additions and alterations over the years. The intent here is to preserve the look of what’s there now at the Scofield House.

  6. Protections are in place for properties within the Historic District. I am sure the developer knew the requirements and restrictions within the designated area before he purchased the property. The condition of the property was also well known by individuals, the bank, real estate brokers and other interested parties. I have to believe the developer also visited the property to know the condition before putting in an offer. What is the purpose of the Historic District if not to defend Historic properties in the designated area. What message is being sent to other builders and developers about our zoning protections? Disregarding zoning and other protections cannot be ignored! It is very disingenuous for the developer to purchase the property then assume he will not have to adhere to existing rules and regulations. Conforming to rules and regulations is paramount. Town has to maintain the integrity of the Historic District. One violation negates the District.

  7. Sherri— you sure that your harsh comments about the 4 Main Street property and proposal and zoning aren’t more about your concern that there is very preliminary conversation senior housing across the street from your house

  8. This is not personal at all. One has nothing to do with the other. This is about protections in place to preserve our architectural history. We do not have a large historic district in town so that which we do have should be preserved and protected with existing regulations and requirements.

  9. How can this be in a historic district? The re-build plans look like nothing “historic “- especially the three car garage.

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