Grand List Increases by $43 Million; Top-10 Taxpayer Accounts


The Vue, formerly known as Merritt Village, seen from Park Street. The property's owners are now the highest-paying taxpayers in New Canaan. Credit: Michael Dinan

The total value of taxable property in New Canaan—including homes, commercial properties and motor vehicles—increased by about $43 million from 2019 to 2020, according to preliminary figures.

Given a mill rate of 18.164, the year-over-year increase in funds for the town from the taxable property would come to about $782,865. The Grand List’s $7.8 billion total reflects upticks in the total value of taxable real estate and personal property and motor vehicles. Here’s a table that details year-over-year growth:

2020 Grand List, Year-Over-Year*

Type2019 Grand List*2020 Grand List**Assessment +/-
Total Increase$43,099,812
Motor Vehicle$265,769,421$275,848,325$10,078,904
Personal Property$90,517,585$94,135,770$3,618,185
Real Estate$7,377,652,637$7,436,743,690$29,402,723
Source: New Canaan Assessor's Office
*Signed and balanced 2019 Grand List figures.
**These numbers are not final until the Grand List is balanced and signed.


The Grand List measures the total value of taxable property on Oct. 1 of each calendar year.

Here’s a table showing the gross top-10 taxpayer accounts in New Canaan for real estate—click on each address for more assessor information:

Top-10 Taxpayer Accounts—New Canaan Grand List, 2020

Real Estate  
1. M2 Partners LLC162 Park St.$37,913,540
2. Town Close Associates Ltd Partner106 Lakeview Ave.$26,020,890
3. Country Club of New Canaan95 Country Club Road$20,582,170
4. New Canaan Lumber Co.208 and 212 Elm St.; nos. 45, 59 and vacant land on Grove Street; and 75 Pine St.$17,491,880
5. CH Vitti Street Associates LLC72 East Ave. and 23 Vitti St.$12,300,190
6. De Lom Partners LLC104 Dan's Highway$11,892,020
7. Philip J. Toohey, trustee81 and 89 Canoe Hill Road; 90 Parade Hill Lane; 575 Silvermine Road; 70 Thrush Lane; and 388 Wahackme Road$11,175,430
8. Kenneth G. Tropin, trustee260 West Road$10,500,000
9. Edward Simon, trustee 82 Brookwood Lane$10,150,000
10. 721 North Wilton Road LLC721 North Wilton Road$9,046,730
Source: Office of the Assessor
*Figures are not official until the Grand List is balanced and signed

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