High Scores for New Canaan Public School Cafeterias in Health Inspections; ‘Risk Factor’ Violations at NCHS, West

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Each of New Canaan’s six public school cafeterias scored at least 90 points out of a possible 100 in recent unannounced inspections by the New Canaan Health Department.

Two of the cafs were cited for more serious “risk factor” violations during inspections conducted by Sanitarian and Restaurant/Food Inspector Carla DeLucia—two at the high school and one at West School. South School earned a perfect 100.

The overall scores were:

  • East: 98
  • South: 100
  • West: 94
  • Saxe: 99
  • NCHS: 90

Here are the details, noted by the sanitarian, at the most recent inspection for each school—risk factor violations are noted with an asterisk:

East (Jan. 13)—one violation:

  • Hot and cold water under pressure, provided as required: “Reduce hot water at handwash sink (129 degres), reduce to 100-115 degrees.”

South (Feb. 4)—zero violations.

West (Feb. 24)—three violations:

  • Good hygienic practices*: “White wiping cloth stored in handwash sink—remove. Sink only to be used for handwashing.”
  • No reuse of single service article: “Cabot sour cream reused for food storage. *Kosher salt. Provide new container.”
  • Hot and cold water under pressure, provided as required: “Hot water at handwash sink 130 degrees, lower to 110 to 115 degrees, mixing valve may be needed to maintain temp.”

Saxe (Feb. 25)—one violation:

  • Nonfood-contact surfaces designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located: “Cardboard lined shelving—walk-in freezer (remove, porous, not cleanable).”

NCHS (Feb. 25)—seven violations:

  • Adequate facilities to maintain product temperature, thermometers provided*: “Provide internal thermometers in reach-in and walk-in units where lacking. Front self-serve case (50-58 degrees). No food held—to be serviced.”
  • Good hygienic practices*: “Remove misc items (potholders, cooking equipment) stored in warewash hw sink—sink only to be used for handwashing, should be accessible.”
  • Nonfood-contact surfaces designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located: “Crates used throughout food storage areas. Provide off-the-floor storage—drainage racks/shelving.”
  • Hot and cold water under pressure, provided as required: “Sm Hobart mixer exterior chipped, replace or refinish paint with foodgrade product.”
  • Walls, ceilings attached, equipment properly constructed, good repair, clean. Wall & ceiling surfaces as required: “Hot water issue throughout warewash/handwash/restrooms. John Perna (assistant director of facilities) on site to correct problem. —3-bay sink no hot water, handwash sinks (65 to 140 degrees). *Tank serviced, hot water adjusted at 3-bay (140 degrees), restrooms currently 90-degrees, front hw sinks (115 to 135 degrees) will be adjusted by end of day, restrooms will be raised, mixing valves needed on ladies/men’s rm hw sinks to maintain (110 to 115 degrees). Replace file below lockers.”
  • Adequate lighting provided as required: “Replace lights in walk-in refrigerator/freezer.”
  • Establishment and premises free of litter, no insectirodent harborage, no unnecessary articles: “Remove unused equipment—stored back area.”

Restaurants and cafeterias “fail” an inspection when cited for a major, 4-point violation, or if violation points assessed total more than 20.

None of the school cafeterias failed during inspections conducted in January and February. The last time each of them did earn a major violation/fail was:

  • East—Jan. 12, 2007: badly dented cans found in stock room;
  • SouthJan. 23, 2012: improperly cooled chicken soup;
  • WestJune 1, 2010: cream cheese, butter, sour cream and shredded cheese all improperly stored on top of a tray of frozen ice; overly diluted bleach sanitizer at 3-bay sink;
  • SaxeJan. 26, 2012: dented, 6-pound can of Furmano’s chickpeas stored in dry storage area;
  • New Canaan High SchoolMay 4, 2007: discolored minestrone served at improper temperature.

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