4 thoughts on “‘I Don’t Think It’s Very Realistic’: Committee Mulls Postponement or Cancellation of July 4th Waveny Fireworks [UPDATED]

  1. Cancel it. While it’s a great tradition, it’s also a great noise polluting event in addition to its large carbon footprint. Let’s lead in Fairfield county by opting out of events that are detrimental to humanity but don’t really have a significant effect on our lifestyle. Perhaps someone will invent a laser show equivalent.

    • You can’t be serious. The only effect on our lifestyle is corona virus. The 4th of July is for fireworks and the celebration of the Independence of this amazing United States! I find your suggestion offensive. Just don’t come.

  2. A lot can happen in 2 months (as we have seen over the last 2 months) but I can understand the reluctance of the committee regarding this event. Perhaps we can find another way for the town to celebrate the 4th? For example could we have a town wide parade with various first responders and others (the grocery store people for sure are on this list). It could be a great opportunity to celebrate differently, as well as thank so many that really deserve it. If we make sure the route goes all over the many roads of New Canaan we can maintain social distancing (so people don’t congregate in the center of town i.e. stay at or very close to home) and bring the parade to them – as well as have it be a full day community event. Perhaps we can find a way to distribute flags to everybody in town similar to the masks, so we can all put them up on our homes etc. Lets find ways to make really positive experiences – we need it.

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