Infected Dog Bite Sends Town Woman To Hospital


A Silvermine Road woman went to Urgent Care at Norwalk Hospital this month after a dog bite she’d sustained earlier became infected, officials say.

According to police, it was the woman’s own Norfolk terrier, an older dog, who’d bitten her during an Aug. 24 party at her home.

The woman picked up the dog to remove it from an area with a lot of people and it bit her, leaving two small puncture marks on her arm.

The wound became infected and developed into a large bruised lump, and nearly two weeks later, on Sept. 3, she went to the hospital to undergo treatment, according to Officer Maryann Kleinschmitt, head of the Police Department’s Animal Control unit.

The dog had no history of biting and it wasn’t until the woman went to the hospital that she reported the incident to the medical staff there, who contacted police, as per ER protocol.

The dog was cleared last Tuesday following a two-week quarantine served at home, Kleinschmitt said.

2 thoughts on “Infected Dog Bite Sends Town Woman To Hospital

  1. It appears to me she didn’t keep her wound clean. More importantly, why did the poor old dog bite her? He should have a vet check him out as he might be injured or il.

    • Lisa L. Yes, you are quite right. A fearful, sick or hurt dog will bite, even if it never did before; just like a person would lash out. A vet check is is a great recommendation. A quarantine will not reveal most pain or illness. A Vet check should be a requirement in a situation like this, for the good of the person and the dog.

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