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Terrier’s Owner Fined Twice in One Week for Allowing Dog To Roam

Police recently took the rare step of citing the same resident twice in the same week for allowing a dog to roam. The Smith Ridge Lane woman’s Jack Russell Terrier—a culprit in the past, according to the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section—was found off-property on July 12 and again on July 14. The older dog tends to wander onto the nearby Country Club of New Canaan property, and was picked up there both times after an officer had responded to an initial call for a roaming dog, found the animal and did not ticket the owner, according to Animal Control. The citation carries a $92 fine. 

This particular dog has been found wandering on Smith Ridge Road which “is very, very dangerous,” according to Officer Allyson Halm, head of Animal Control. Police rarely issue the roaming fine and generally do so only when dogs get out often. Continue Reading →

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Did You Hear … ?

The pre-American Revolution era White Oak Shade Road home that made headlines recently when its new owners started to demolish part of it without a permit—then claimed it was a misunderstanding, only to raze the whole structure—is back on social media. The owners posted on Facebook Marketplace that they’re selling the “antique original beams” from the antique house ($150 apiece). On July 13 they applied to the New Canaan Building Department for a permit on an estimated $280,000 job that will include “alteration of first and second floor of existing foundation walls” and “adding four bedrooms and 4.5 baths.”


Police on Tuesday picked up what they described as a sad-looking, lethargic crow sitting on Elm Street. Officer Allyson Halm of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section said a veterinarian who examined the bird found nothing physically wrong with it, though officials with Wildlife In Crisis said the crow most likely was suffering from West Nile Virus. ***

Congratulations to Selectman Kit Devereaux on the birth of her first grandchild. 

William Fielding Colestock entered the world July 18, born to Devereaux’s daughter Anne Devereaux (Geitz) Colestock and Mac Colestock. Continue Reading →

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Police Receive ‘Strong Response,’ Leads After Vicious Dog Attack

Police say they’ve received a strong response from the public in the wake of a vicious dog-on-dog attack on July 11 in New Canaan, including information that could lead soon to identifying those responsible. 

A number of people “have come forward with interesting scenarios that we are working on,” according to Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section. “We have a few leads that we have been pursuing and may have some interesting possibilities of who it is,” Halm told “They still have an opportunity to come forward and get this over with.”

Though Halm is prevented from talking specifics about an active investigation, she said the public’s “strong response” has yielded information “and a sense that there could be an opportunity soon” to home in on the identity of those who accompanied the attacking dog. At about 8:50 p.m. two Wednesdays ago, a man let a shepherd-type dog off-leash on South School grounds and the animal mauled a miniature golden doodle, Roxie, being leash-walked in the area. Confronted by Roxie’s owner, the man and a woman accompanying him declined to provide their contact information and left the scene. Continue Reading →

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Police Seek Public’s Help Identifying Owners of Dog in Vicious Attack

Police are calling for the public’s help in identifying the owners of an off-leash dog that attacked and gravely wounded a smaller canine in New Canaan last week, and left the scene. 

The attack took place in the back of South School, near Crystal Street, at about 8:50 p.m. on July 11, according to Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section. A man and woman had been with the aggressor dog, a shepherd-type breed, when it attacked a mini-golden doodle who was on leash, Halm said. The pair were asked for contact information but declined to give it and left, she said. Though police have some footage of the man from area surveillance cameras (see above), no information on their vehicle’s make or license plate could be seen, she said. Anyone who knows or recognizes the attacking dog or owners is asked to please contact Animal Control at 203-594-3510.  Continue Reading →

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Police Seek Owner of Cat Found on Talmadge Hill Road

Police are seeking the owner of a black-and-white cat found July 4 on Talmadge Hill Road. Believed to be male, the cat is in good condition and has no microchip, according to Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section. He was hanging around near the Talmadge Hill resident’s home and taken in on Independence Day. On July 6, the cat bit that individual, believed to be in a playful manner, Halm said. The cat is being quarantined at New Canaan Veterinary Hospital, she said. Continue Reading →

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