Missing New Canaan Puppy Is Found [PHOTOS, UPDATED]

Update 3:30 p.m. Sunday

Jack Hellmann, Corbit’s owner, shared the following post with New Canaanite:
“Thanks to our amazing neighbors, the article in the New Canaanite, the kindness of people throughout New Canaan, and New Canaan Animal Control Officer Allyson Halm, Corbit is happily asleep at home after an afternoon pick-up at the Stamford Police Station/Animal Shelter.  Our family could not be happier or more grateful.  Our friends and neighbors mobilized and searched well into last night and at sunrise this morning, hiking trails with headlamps and walking every street in our area. Thanks to the New Canaanite article, we met a jogger at 7:00am who decided to run in our part of town just to help look for the puppy; and we met another individual at 7:30am who picked up his coffee at Starbucks and then scoured every corner of Watson-Symington— New Canaanites who we had never met before, just wanting to help.  And finally, Officer Halm saw the article in the New Canaanite and recalled that Corbit might fit the description of a small dog reported in Stamford— so despite it being her day-off, she went to the shelter to confirm her hunch. She was right and we immediately received the phone call to pick him up this afternoon.  While we would not recommend 22 hours of sleepless uncertainty while searching for a lost puppy, our appreciation for our New Canaan community is more profound than ever.  Thank you.” Update 10:50 a.m. Sunday

The New Canaan puppy that went missing Saturday afternoon on the west side of town, has been found, officials say. New Canaan Animal Control Officer Allyson Halm said Corbit was found Saturday and turned into Stamford Animal Control, where he spent the night.

Multiple Black Bear Sightings on North Wilton Road

Following multiple sightings in town this week, New Canaan Police are reminding residents that bird feeders, compost and garbage cans left out will attract black bears. A black bear was seen on North Wilton Road at about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to Animal Control Officer Allyson Halm, and then two more were seen together on the same road in northeastern New Canaan on Wednesday afternoon. She urged residents to have hazing tools on hand, such as horns that make loud noises, and bear spray. “Knowledge about hazing is important and please do not feed bears,” Halm told NewCanaanite.com. 

She added, “A fed bear is a dead bear.”

Halm’s tips on coexisting with black bears include:

Do not hang bird feeders on porches, decks or patios. Take bird feeders in at dusk.

Animal Control Raises Concerns After Reports of ‘Friendly’ Fox Living Near the Downtown 

Officials say the town has received numerous reports in recent weeks of a “friendly” fox living in the area of Richmond Hill Road and Park Street, raising concerns about too much familiarity with the animal. Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section, said she’s been told that “the fox shows little fear and has appeared to follow people, even those walking dogs.”

“In the photo the fox appears young, healthy and has good weight to it,” Halm said, referring to the image above. “The concern is that this fox is being fed regularly by someone which would explain the lack of fear towards humans and the weight this fox has. Wild animals that associate humans with food present a risk to all and most likely won’t end well for this fox.”

The town has seen an increasing number of foxes denning and living downtown, with known litters on Maple Street, Harrison Avenue and Lakeview Avenue. A large litter of fox kits born in Lakeview Cemetery made headlines in 2016.

‘I Don’t Think He Likes Pugs’: Local Woman Calls for Separate Large- and Small-Dog Areas at Spencer’s Run

Saying her pug was attacked twice in the dog run at Waveny, a local woman last week asked parks officials to consider creating separate “large” and “small” dog areas within Spencer’s Run. Kathryn Quirk told members of the Parks & Recreation Commission last week that her 1-year-old pug is “very friendly and she’s great with the other dogs and this one dog just jumped all over her and was very vicious” on two separate occasions. “Fortunately my husband was there and he was able to grab her,” Quirk told the Commission during its regular meeting, held Nov. 9 at Lapham Community Center. “He’s done this twice and I’ve watched him do it to another dog on a different day and I’m sort of reluctant to take her there now,” she said.