‘Very Blessed and Lucky’: Pregnant Stray Cat Is Rescued, Gives Birth to Five Healthy Kittens

The pregnant stray cat that local authorities and residents of the Vitti Street neighborhood have been trying to help gave birth Monday to a healthy litter of five kittens, officials say. Named ‘Elsa’ by Animal Control Officer Allyson Halm after she survived the heavy wind and rain storm with that name earlier this month, the young cat was finally caught two weeks ago and managed to survive thanks to a Warren-based rescue organization. 

Halm said she was feeling “very blessed and lucky that the stars were aligned the angels were watching.”

“This cat was very, very lucky to get off the streets,” she said. “And it’s probably her first litter because she is a young animal. And it will be her last litter, and kittens will be properly placed.”

The kittens “look fabulous,” Halm said. Elsa was not faring well during a state-mandated seven-day hold at the New Canaan Police Department animal shelter, Halm said.

Police and Residents Hope To Capture, Assist Pregnant Stray Cat

Police say they’re hoping Wednesday to capture a pregnant stray cat that bit two residents last month. The cat, who may have been abandoned, first came to the attention of authorities June 21, when a Summer Street father and son concerned about the animal’s welfare tried to put her in a carrier and got bit, according to Officer Allyson Halm, head of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section. While the father and son underwent a series of rabies vaccines as a precaution, police tried to catch the cat and bring her into the town’s animal shelter for a period of quarantine, Halm said. That didn’t work, she said. The cat has since been living outdoors in the neighborhood of Cross Street and appears to be about one month pregnant, halfway through its pregnancy, Halm said.

Animal Control: Black Bear Seen on Briscoe Road

The first black bear sighting of the year came into the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control Section on Tuesday morning, officials said. A large bear was spotted in passing through a backyard on Briscoe Road, near the New York state line, according to Animal Control Officer Allyson Halm. “I’ve had reports of scat sightings but this is first actual bear sighting,” Halm said. New Canaan has seen a rise in black bear sightings in recent years, and Halm herself underwent training and received certification in March to carry bear spray in case of an encounter with the animal. With so many families having moved into town during the pandemic, Halm said she was eager to make sure new residents are aware that it’s not unusual to see a bear here.