Catherine Palmer Tries To Evict Another Tenant from Butler Lane Home

Weeks after an ex-husband filed to evict her from a notorious Butler Lane home, Catherine Palmer this month took steps to evict yet another tenant from the dwelling. According to a complaint filed Sept. 8 in state Superior Court, Palmer “has terminated the defendants’ right or privilege to occupy” a second-floor bedroom at 151 Butler Lane. 

In an answer filed Sept. 13, the tenant said, “Catherine Palmer is not the legal landlord/owner” of the house “where necessary repairs need to be made and have not. She is facing eviction … I would be happy to pay rent to” the legal owner.

Ex Files To Evict Catherine Palmer from Butler Lane Home 

A woman seeking to evict tenants from a notorious Butler Lane house is now facing eviction from the residence herself, according to court documents filed last week. Catherine Palmer, known to New Canaanites following her arrest and conviction on three counts of animal cruelty after three puppies died at 151 Butler Lane two years ago, had filed in April to evict two tenants from the residence. 

In response, the tenants said the eviction is retaliatory and that Catherine Palmer is not the owner of title to the property and doesn’t have the right to rent it out or evict those who live there. (A trial in that matter is scheduled to start Thursday, court documents show.)

On Aug. 1 her ex-husband, listed in a complaint as the rightful owner of the property filed in state Superior Court to evict Catherine Palmer. Mark Palmer, identified as plaintiff and “conservator for the estate and person of Beverly Jane Piotrowski, has “terminated the defendant’s right or privilege to occupy the premises,” according to a complaint filed on his behalf by Norwalk lawyer Bonnie Lee Macdonald.

Police Charge New Canaan Woman Following Domestic Incident 

Police on Sunday arrested a 50-year-old New Canaan woman following a domestic incident on Butler Lane. Catherine D. Palmer was charged with disorderly conduct. At about 7:37 p.m. on April 10, officers were distanced to 151 Butler Lane house regarding a domestic dispute between Palmer and another person at the residence, according to a police report. Following an investigation, police brought the misdemeanor charge and transported her to police headquarters for processing. Police withheld details of the incident, saying it was domestic in nature.