Investigations: Man Wires $101,000 after Getting Fraudulent Email


Police say a 50-year-old Stamford man, thinking he’d received an urgent email from the CFO of the New Canaan-based company he works for, wired $101,000 to a Florida bank.

On looking more closely at the email after he’d already wired the money, the man discovered that the CFO’s email address was off by a single letter.

Police received a report of the fraud at 12:48 p.m. on April 8. They’re investigating.


Police are investigating a 62-year-old South Bald Hill Road woman’s complaint that a 10-place, Towle-Queen Elizabeth Pattern setting worth $2,000 went missing from her house some time between Christmas and Easter.


A 76-year-old South Avenue woman told police that an American Express card and some $160 in cash went missing from her wallet some time between April 3 and 6. The credit card subsequently was used at Home Depot in Bridgeport, where $535 was charged, and then $9 was charged at a farmer’s market, police said.

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