Kevin Sullivan, Suzi Sickel Sullivan and Brigid Sullivan


With sad and tragic timing, longtime New Canaan resident Kevin Sullivan, his wife Suzi and their wonderful and special daughter Brigid all died from unrelated medical causes over a short period of eight months. Suzi died in July 2021 and Kevin in October 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada, their home for many years. Kevin was 76. Brigid died in March of 2022 in Bishop, California.

Kevin Sullivan and Suzi Sickel Sullivan

Kevin arrived in New Canaan in 1956 with his parents Joe and Liz and his brothers Mark, Jim and Patrick. and entered Saxe Junior High. Both Kevin, Class of ‘63, and Suzi, Class of ‘64, graduated from New Canaan High School where Kevin played on the 1962 NCHS state championship basketball team. He also was a regular in the legendary “after 5” basketball games with Joe Sikorsky. Kevin graduated from Fairfield University and pursued a long and successful career in the electronics industry holding positions with several of the industry giants before retiring to Las Vegas. 

Kevin and Suzie were married in 1967 and remained forever loving and devoted to each other for 55 years. Brigid lived a challenging yet wonderful life full of optimism and love. She graduated from the University of San Diego and worked for many years as a teacher and daycare administrator.

Kevin and Suzi are survived by their daughter Molly, her husband Tom Haren and their children Sean, Megan and Casey and their son Brendan, his wife Heather and their children Owen and Kevin. Brigid is survived by her husband Matt Salomon. Kevin was pre-deceased by his brother Jim and is survived by his brother Mark and his wife Donna and his brother Patrick and his wife Leslie. Suzi is survived by her sister Molly and her brother David Sickel and his wife Susie.

The Sullivans will be forever remembered for their devotion to family and their infectious laughter and fun loving presence and especially Kevin’s tear inducing rendition of Danny Boy. Rest assured  “we will kneel and say an Ave for you and may you rest in peace until we come to you.”
May God bless Kevin, Suzi and Brigid and their families.

Your best friends forever—Bill and CrisyTugeau, Ed Mellick, Doug and Suzanne Wright, Dayton and Peggy Ogden, Howard Rambin, Bruce Keller, Skip Haskell, Gail Davidson Overbeck and Kyle Runyon Upton.

10 thoughts on “Kevin Sullivan, Suzi Sickel Sullivan and Brigid Sullivan

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I have such wonderful memories of both Kevin and Suzie and was saddened to hear of their passing. May they rest in eternal peace with their daughter Brigid. ❤️
    Patti (Liberatore) Avallone

    • Here’s to one of the truly great old New Canaan families, of all time. There spirit will live on in all of use that know them.

  2. I am so saddened to read this. I recall way back at Saxe Jr. High making a
    speech to promote Kevin’s running for a class office. He was such a fun guy.

  3. So sorry to learn of the passing of such beautiful people I remember so well. May they rest in peace, and condolences to both families.🙏🏼

  4. Sorry to hear of the passing of one of my basketball teamates at NCHS . Kevin always made the bus rides home[ especially after the win at DARIEN] when he loved to break into a tune[we were choraleers together as well]. My favorite song memory was when he sang S U doubleLL I V A N SPELLS SULLIVAN PROUD OF ALL THE IRISH THAT IS IN HIM. That he was. Having coached high school basketball myself for 36 years I THINK OF THE GOOD TIMES at NCHS that made me want to teach and coach as teamates like kevin were at the core of basketball joy for me .I know the road rose up to meet him . May he rest in eternal IRISH peace.
    jay bouton

  5. Much love to a special family. I met Brigid with Mom and my Mom when she was an infant and I was pregnant with Kyle. Susie was a doll and I eventually lost contact with her, Brigid, and Kevin. So sorry about that.
    Again, all my love.

  6. So sad to learn of Kevin Sullivan’s passing along with his wife Susan and daughter Bridgid……My deepest sympathy to the entire Sullivan and Siskel families…..Kevin and I were friends and teammates who shared many laughs and good times together throughout high school and beyond….he was a great story teller and was so proud of his Irish heritage…He was also a very good singer and dancer….Kevin. was an outstanding athlete and an unsung hero as he helped lead New Canaan to two state championships in basketball and cross-country….On many nights several of us use to sneak into gyms to play basketball and when the cops caught us they would take a few shots and then tell us to turn the lights off when we leave…..He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

    • Gary – what a great tribute. You said it all. Was it you or Kevin that performed on the Teen Dance show (that I cannot remember the name of)?

      Kevin was definitely a close friend that will be missed by all of us who knew him well.I remember the sneaking into gyms very well. Today the handcuffs would come out. Also remember hours and hours on Cody’s basketball court. Also remember caddying with you and sharing stories about previous nights.

      Hope all is good with you. Stay well!!

      Ed Mellick

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