Letter: ‘A Time To Be Mindful of the Many Blessings in Our Lives’


I understand that we all deal with difficult situations differently and believe we would all agree that we are in the midst of a difficult time, more difficult for some than others but difficult nonetheless. 

I am doing my best to view this as an opportunity and find or make some positive experiences where possible. 

I think we have a natural tendency to lean toward technology to help us carry on our lives with the least amount of disruption possible. My family has gone back to the dark ages and started playing board games in the evening and having movie night with each of us taking turns picking the movie, and yes “Frozen 2 “was my youngest daughter’s first choice. 

My wife has been laid off and may not be eligible for unemployment, but my paycheck is secure and we are provided for. We don’t have excess or abundance but we have all that we need, for this we are thankful. 

This is a time be mindful of the many blessings in our lives and an opportunity to separate us from the “things” in our lives that have no eternal value. I find it a happy coincidence that we are working through this situation during Lent, and I hope that when this passes we maintain some of the goodness that has come from it. 

I see kindness, caring and genuine compassion in others that renews my faith in the human spirit, for this I am grateful.

Brian Platz

One thought on “Letter: ‘A Time To Be Mindful of the Many Blessings in Our Lives’

  1. Amen, Mr. Platz. You give us a fine nudge to look into our selves to realize how well cared for we are. The gift of life, family, friends…and adequate means to provide for needs and even some wants….are generous blessings we give thanks for. As you say, let us hope that care for others will be a way of life.

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