Letter: Cristina A. Ross for Town Council


I strongly recommend incumbent Cristina Aguirre-Ross for Town Council.

Cristina’s experience in town is unparalleled. She was initially appointed to the Open Space and Conservation Committee and later appointed to the Parks and Recreation Commission. After serving ten years on the Commission, the Republican Town Committee endorsed Cristina to serve on Town Council.

Cristina’s experience as a licensed architect brings tremendous value to our Town. She is currently the co-chair of the Infrastructure and Utilities Subcommittee and a member of the Ordinance Subcommittee. Using her architecture background, she brought town personnel, members of Town Council, and contractors together to reassess the state of the Outback, now the Town Hall Annex, saving it from imminent demolition. Cristina also serves on the Waveny House ADA Compliance Committee. No other candidate has Cristina’s architectural, construction and budgeting experience that is so crucial to our Town, especially during this time of infrastructure assessment.

Cristina’s experience goes far beyond town planning. In addition to running an architectural firm, she is a member of the Finance and Governance Subcommittee, which is currently proposing changes to the budget process to ensure financial efficiency while maintaining the Town’s AAA bond rating.

The Ross family has lived in New Canaan for over twenty-eight years.  Cristina and her husband Marty have together raised three daughters, Catherine, Lauren and Carlie. She is a dedicated volunteer, businesswoman, mother, and wife. I encourage you to join me in supporting incumbent Cristina Aguirre-Ross for Town Council.

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