Letter: Great Thanksgiving at the Food Pantry

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Dear Editor,

On behalf of the New Canaan Food Pantry, we would like to thank the United Methodist Church for the generous grant they have given us. This grant, in conjunction with ACME Markets in New Canaan, has made it possible for The Food Pantry to provide our clients with a bountiful Thanksgiving dinner. Our families will have all the items needed to celebrate with a traditional feast —cheese and crackers, stuffing, potatoes, cranberries, carrots, olives, vegetables, butter and pies. Baskin Robbins has also generously donated ice cream for each family. Gazy Farms, members of the New Canaan Farmer’s Market, has provided the fresh vegetables and produce for a special celebration.

With the support and generosity of these groups, 70-plus families in New Canaan will be able to sit at the table and enjoy a bountiful meal. Thank you! We want to wish all the members of our caring New Canaan Community a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank them for their continued support.

—Carol Harvey, Tracey Gould & Joan Wexler, New Canaan Food Pantry

—Carol McDonald, New Canaan Department of Human Services

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