Letter: Ideal Spot for Year-Round, Heated Restroom Facilities at Waveny


The area near Waveny House badly needs year-round, outside accessible, heated restroom facilities.

The restrooms near the water tower are seasonal only.

This building next to the Power House theater at Waveny could serve as a year-round, public restroom facility, the letter-writer says. Contributed

There is a building right next to the Power House which is ideally located and, being slightly larger than the water tower restrooms building, suitably sized for such a use.

It can be converted and readily made handicap accessible.

It has the rounded stone foundation walls, indicating that it dates back to the Hall (1900) era, and it is the last of those buildings not in public use.

Waveny House itself is frequently closed for special events, as are the Carriage Barn and Power House.

Such a convenient facility would be appreciated by the large numbers of people who visit the park daily, year-round. This would be no luxury expenditure but a response to an obvious public need.

Keith Simpson

One thought on “Letter: Ideal Spot for Year-Round, Heated Restroom Facilities at Waveny

  1. Thank you, Keith Simpson, and all those on the Waveny Park Conservancy for your careful maintenance and thoughtful interventions.

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