Letter: Meals on Wheels Launches 47th Year in New Canaan


As we start this new year, Meals on Wheels begins it’s 47th year of delivering meals to New Canaan residents.   

We provide nutritious meals to those with physical, emotional, or social conditions that makes it difficult to provide for themselves regardless of their age or ability to pay. 

We have over 150 volunteers, without whom we would be unable to operate. The board members of Meals on Wheels, New Canaan thanks you all for your time, kindness and unwavering support of our program.

We would also like to thank all our donors and grantors, who continue to provide financial support in 2018, in the form of grants and donations so we may continue to serve those in our community who need our help:

  • With grateful thanks to:
  • Congregational Church
  • Exchange Club of New Canaan
  • First County Bank of New Canaan
  • Newcomers Club of New Canaan
  • New Canaan Artisans
  • New Canaan Community Foundation
  • Rotary Club of New Canaan
  • St Marks Church
  • The Town of New Canaan
  • United Methodist Church
  • Vineyard Vines 
  • Walter Stewarts 
  • Young Women’s League of New Canaan
  • And to the residents of New Canaan who respond to our annual campaign so generously.

On behalf of all the Meals on Wheels clients, and the Board of Directors we wish you a healthy, happy and safe 2019.

Stephanie Radman
Meals on Wheels, New Canaan

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