Letter: Opposing the Merritt Village Proposal in New Canaan


To the Editor:

Twenty-two years ago lawyers for Avalon came to a New Canaan P&Z meeting with an application to build a housing complex on the large parking lot next to our train station.

Its scale and density were massive. These lawyers told our zoning officials that before they joined Avalon they were the lobbyists that changed our state law that removed our home rule that would allow us to form our own town. Thus, to stop this unbelievable loss of controlling our own destiny, Citizens for New Canaan was formed. A group that comprised hundreds of passionate New Canaanites and its leaders to regain control of our Town.

We stopped Avalon with a successful referendum thanks to your efforts and action.

Twenty-two years later a new threat has appeared.

Again four massive buildings on Park and Maple Streets has been applied for. This time it is M2 Partners headed by a New Canaan local. This time we are told our home rule has also been taken away from us as a town. Strangely this time it was taken away by our own town officials. Somehow a decisive plan called ‘Plan of Conservation and Development’ has already come out of Planning & Zoning, led by our hired Town Planner Steve Kleppin.

The local developer wants to use POCD guidelines to allow a zone change so that these massive buildings and 205 parking spaces can be built on just 3.3 acres of land. However, that same POCD also serves as a guide for us to preserve our village character, keep our property values and maintain our quality of life.

Please attend [this week’s] final public hearing of the Planning and Zoning Commission on Merritt Village Thursday, Sept. 22 at 7 p.m. in Town Hall and let your voices be heard. It is important for our officials to know how you feel about our village.

Continue to e-mail your comments to: Steven.Kleppin@NewCanaanCT.gov

And copy us on your e-mails that you sent to Steve Kleppin: StopMerrittVillage@yahoo.com

Jack Trifero

Betty J. Lovastik

Citizens for New Canaan

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