Letter: Re-Elect Town Council Candidate Cristina A. Ross


We endorse Cristina Aguirre-Ross for Town Council. 

Cristina has made New Canaan her home for 28 years, and has ably served on our Town Council for four years. She is a distinguished architect and author, who celebrated New Canaan in her book on mid-century modern houses. Cristina is dedicated to preserving our town’s unique character and style.

As a Town Council member Cristina is also focused on fiscal sustainability aimed at optimizing town services by finding efficiencies and making the most of every tax dollar. Her extensive experience working on large scale projects at JP Morgan and in her own architectural practice makes her uniquely qualified to lead contract negotiations, budgeting and financial analysis to benefit all the people of New Canaan.

Cristina has also been instrumental in mentoring women who wish to enter public service. She takes a personal interest, and spares no effort to enable others to succeed. Her warmth, talent and boundless energy are a source of inspiration to everyone around her.

Please join us and vote for Cristina Aguirre-Ross for Town Council.

Dr. Michael Levin and Pavla Levin

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