Letter: ‘Thank You’ for Making 5th Annual Community Addition Awareness Vigil a Success


The 5th Annual Community Addiction Awareness Vigil took place on September 2nd, 2021, at the corner of South and Elm. Photo courtesy of Paul Reinhardt

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the New Canaan Parent Support Group, I’d like to thank all those involved with making our 5th Annual Community Addiction Awareness Vigil a success. Our goal was to unite the community around the vision of “helping each other heal.”

First, I would like to specifically call out thank our fiscal and community partner, the New Canaan Community Foundation, which was Co-Host of our event.

Secondly, I want to thank our hard-working Event Committee, which was quick to adjust when we shifted the Vigil to our rain date. I especially want to thank Amanda (Sacred Heart U.), Bob, Charlene, Chris, Cyra, Elizabeth (NCHS), Jack (NCHS), Jacqueline, Jenny, and Lance for their tireless efforts. 

I’d also like to specifically thank my family for support and the memory of my son Evan for inspiration. 

Finally, in addition to our Community Sponsors listed below, I want to thank our MC John Hamilton of Liberation Programs; Speakers Jack Neuhaus, Devan Markiewicz, and Daryl McGraw; the Pivot Ministries Choir; Erika Long of Community Mindfulness Project, Pastor Derrick Fallon, NCHS Ram Council member Sydney Haydu, and several individual donors who helped make this event possible.


Paul Reinhardt

Founder, New Canaan Parent Support Group

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