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Thank you so much to those who made the New Canaan Land Trust’s Firefly Kickoff Event a resounding success on Thursday, June 27th.  We were gifted with perfect weather conditions, and those who stayed until the skies were truly dark were treated to a breathtaking display of fireflies dancing in the meadow. Thanks also to Baked and Sauced for delicious cocktails and desserts. 

We are also thankful that many in our community have flocked nightly to our nationally recognized Firefly Sanctuary on Sleepy Hollow to witness the wonderous world of fireflies. Tickets have entirely sold out for the season. For those without tickets, consider visiting the Firefly Sanctuary after July 14th, when the fireflies’ lighting display will still be visible. 

In the meantime, check out our preserves and trails open to the public around town during these fabulous warm weather months. Also, please mark your calendars for the Bristow Bird Sanctuary’s Centennial, which we will celebrate on September 7th with a special David Sibley presentation at the New Canaan Library at 3 p.m. and a ribbon cutting at Bristow Park on Sunday, September 8th, starting at 2 p.m. Look for more details to register over the summer. 

We truly appreciate our community’s support and look forward to engaging with all of you!


Michelle Riley, on behalf of the NCLT Board of Directors

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