Letter: Town Council Candidate Rich Townsend Will Protect New Canaan Taxpayers


Connecticut has the wealthiest, most educated citizens of any state in the nation.

So why is our state government broke?

We lack a state budget and risk downgrades from rating agencies. Connecticut could become the first junk-rated state in the nation. It doesn’t matter how rich you are—if you spend more than you make, then sooner or later you are going to be in trouble.

As Margaret Thatcher said, “Eventually you run out of other people’s money.” So what is the state government going to do? It is going to come after towns such as New Canaan. One proposed solution to the profligate chaos in Hartford is to foist a third of teacher pension costs onto towns such as ours. They have blown through their revenue and now want to stick us with their unpaid bills.

As taxes go up and up, employers from GE, to Beretta and Aetna are fleeing. With the budget utterly out of control in Hartford, we have to be especially careful with our own financial affairs in New Canaan. That is why I would encourage you to support Rich Townsend for our town council. No one could be more careful with taxpayer dollars or more focused on protecting property values and making this a competitive business climate once again.

Fiscal irresponsibility has made this a state to flee from. We should make it a place for businesses to flee to.

Rob Sterner

2 thoughts on “Letter: Town Council Candidate Rich Townsend Will Protect New Canaan Taxpayers

  1. Well said– I couldn’t agree more. And Rich Townsend will help protect us at the local level! But what continues to go on in Hartford is truly disturbing. Let’s hope it can be fixed before we all have to flee the state. Thank you for stepping up to the plate, Rich Townsend!

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