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NewCanaanite.com recently received the following letter(s) of endorsement. We are publishing all endorsement letters from New Canaan residents as we receive them, through Oct. 24. Please send them to editor@newcanaanite.com. 



Amy Murphy Carroll has earned my strong support as she is the most qualified candidate to be our next First Selectwoman in New Canaan. Great leadership requires experience and integrity, and Amy embodies these qualities to the fullest.

With Amy’s extensive 30-year professional experience in municipal finance and a 10-year resolute commitment of service to our town’s Board of Finance and major building projects – including Saxe Middle School and the Police Department renovation – she has demonstrated unparalleled knowledge and expertise required to ensure that taxpayer funding is allocated wisely and transparently.

What truly sets Amy apart is her ability to lead with gravitas, incredible work ethic, and commitment to open and thoughtful dialogue. She is not afraid to delve into the details, ask insightful questions, and address difficult and sensitive issues head-on.

One of the most admirable aspects of Amy’s candidacy is her commitment to One New Canaan. She does not let political affiliations cloud her judgment or decisions; she is committed to representing all members of our community, irrespective of their political leanings. Amy’s goal is to work for the betterment of our entire town, and her dedication to this cause is unwavering.

Looking ahead, I know that the three new members of the Board of Selectmen, under Amy’s leadership, will bring fresh perspective and collaborative engagement and I pledge to help Amy and the Board as they take on the important future of Town governance.

On November 7th, please join me in voting for Amy Murphy Carroll as our next First Selectwoman. Her leadership, experience, integrity, and commitment make her the clear choice to lead our town towards an even brighter future.


Kathleen A. Corbet



Dear Editor:

I write to strongly endorse Josh Kaye for New Canaan Board of Education.  My family and I have known Josh’s for several years since our kids attended preschool here together.  The first qualities that make Josh an excellent candidate for the Board of Ed are his decency and integrity.  When you meet Josh, it quickly becomes apparent that he is kind, highly intelligent, deliberate and informed.  It is no wonder that he was appointed to the Town’s Board of Ethics.

Josh also has two demonstrable qualities that make him particularly suited to serve on the Board of Education: (1) he has a stellar academic background, showing the value and interest he placed as a student in his own public education, and (2) he continues to be a tremendously hard worker in his professional life.  As a current parent in the New Canaan Public Schools, I could neither wish for nor think of any better person to volunteer their time in helping to maintain our world class schools.  I strongly encourage all New Canaanites to consider Josh Kaye’s candidacy for the Board of Education.

Tim Klimpl


As  longtime New Canaan residents who care deeply about maintaining the excellent quality of our education program, we are pleased to endorse Josh Kaye for a two-year term on the Board of Education. In his remarks and in his background of achievement, Josh has demonstrated a knowledge and understanding of what makes our town’s school district the example of what is required to educate our children so they can succeed in their college careers and in life.

As a lawyer with a law degree from the prestigious Duke University School of Law, Josh Kaye understands the importance of asking the right questions and focusing on the details to achieve the best results, skills he will apply as a member of the school board. He also understands the rewards of working collaboratively, whether with other board members, the school administration and, importantly, with parents. His approach to serving will be to support and bolster what is already an exemplary, top ranked school district, while recognizing the need to adjust to changing developments in education in order to cement New Canaan’s leadership for the future.

As a town that prides itself on educational excellence, electing Josh Kaye to the Board of Education would further that objective and ensure that New Canaan retains its deserved reputation for equipping our children with the best educational experience possible. 

Susan B. Edmands and Douglas P. Walker

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