14 thoughts on “Letters of Endorsement

  1. Ironic that that Phil Hogan says that the first people to think about are the “legions” of families stretching themselves financially to live in New Canaan while endorsing Hugo Alves, the candidate who stated there is no need to teach the soft skills of appreciating diversity because New Canaan children learn these things while on international vacations during the summer.

    • Thanks, Jenn. For context—and readers can listen to our podcast with BOE incumbent Hugo Alves here—as I recall, Hugo was talking about the Board of Ed’s decision to rewrite the DEI goal last year after declining to bring in a professional DEI consultant to evaluate and advise the district, and he was making the point that New Canaan should not look at any one-size-fits-all DEI model since it’s an unusual town, including in the exposure its students have to multiculturalism, for example, through travel. In the podcast itself, Hugo clarified the comment he had made regarding international vacations, saying he understood that it could have come across as elitist, which was not his intention. Whether people agree with the BOE majority’s stance with respect to DEI or not, or with any member’s reasoning, I think that context is important here. Thank you again.

  2. Would Phil Hogan clarify his comment re “the misguided Covid lockdowns and mask mandates.”? I understand that some parents were against lockdowns due to educational setbacks, but does he really believe mask mandates were misguided? The CDC, the Mayo Clinic, and many other respected groups were in favor of mask mandates, and the NIH said “Our results imply that statewide mandates saved 87,000 lives through December 19, 2020, while a nationwide mandate could have saved 57,000 additional lives.” This is not even counting the uncomfortable and disruptive non-fatal cases and hospitalizations avoided.

  3. Mask mandates were completely misguided and studies have shown that. You can wear a mask if you want to, leave the children alone. VOTE ROW B to keep our children well educated and happy!!

  4. Thank you to all of our BOE members and current ones running. The Row B slate represents a wide verity of families and students.
    Row B candidates are much more diverse than democrats counterparts and will keep our kids academics the priority of our schools.

    • You should listen to candidate Matt Wexlers’s New Canaanite’s interview and comments — then explain “diverse” — while he explains who should live in New Canaan

      • Please give us the specifics on the comment Matt made that you are referring to. It’s unclear, especially in the context of a thoughtful interview where Matt outlined steps that would improve an already excellent school system. What is clear is Arnold Karp is for Row A.

  5. The mask mandate came from the state. The BOE could not unilaterally ignore or change that. They sent a strongly worded letter to the state DOE, which was the limit of their authority; it also likely had limited impact as the mask mandate lapsed upon certain statewide metrics which as far as I know, was the plan all along.

    Anyone running or voting on this basis should perhaps reconsider.

    • I am not sure who invited, hosted, initiated or how that worked technically, but a public feedback session took place at Saxe with the local state reps and senators to get community input on school mask mandates (this took place a bit before the mandate ultimately ended). Many BOE members (and if I remember right the Superintendent) were in attendance. Many people spoke at that forum (including myself). That type of forum is a great example of how we as a community can talk about public policy issues outside of formal meetings to get community feedback, and that feedback can also be listened to by state legislators and town officials, depending on the subject matter, and help shape state and local policy.

      • Giacomo, as you point out, that session was organized by and for the state legislators. I was there too (no comment) but even though a member of Town Council, it doesn’t mean I had any authority over the mandate. My point is, what is misguided about this debate is that much of the vitriol was directed at the BOE who had zero authority over it. Campaigning on this (settled) issue as if the BOE could have scuttled the mandate is not acting in good faith. Voters deserve to know the facts.