Letters to the Editor


NewCanaanite.com recently received the following letters for publication. 


Thank you Katrina Parkhill, Jen Richardson and Patrick O’Connell.  With open doors for over 97% of the year, New Canaan Public Schools were a case study in coping with covid and delivering for New Canaan kids.  This success could not have been possible without your dedication and hard work.  It’s a legacy of which you should be proud and New Canaan grateful.  We certainly are.

We are all too aware of the size of shoes we seek to fill.  As summer starts to wind down, our ears are open.  We are eager to learn from you, together building upon the strong foundation you created and serving the town we all love.

Elections are difficult in small towns.  The institutions of government are better for an election’s tussle, but they bring heartbreak in their wake.  We are grateful for the grace shown by Katrina, Jen, Pat, and Jess Huetter.  New Canaan is lucky to have such committed volunteers. We hope to collaborate on a smooth transition and build upon your success.

We look forward to working together,

Hugo Alves
Dan Bennett
Phil Hogan
Julie Toal

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