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NewCanaanite.com recently received the following letters to the editor.


Editor, New Canaanite:

When I sit down at the small memorial plaza in Mead Park, I am surrounded by beautiful flower beds along the memorial walk. While enjoying them, I also think of the more than two hundred (200) hanging flower baskets along Elm Street and the big planters at the entrance to Town Hall. Then I remember seeing the ladies in the yellow shirts weeding and planting at thirty-three (33) triangles at intersections. 

Who are those dedicated hard workers who never tell us who they are?

The display window of the Chamber of Commerce next to the movie theater identifies them as the more than two hundred (200!) devoted volunteers of the New Canaan Beautification League. They are the ones who leave their mark all over town, everywhere from the Waveny Care Center to the Lee Garden.

Many thanks to these angels without whom New Canaan would be more drab and dreary —certainly less colorful. Their work should be recognized and appreciated by all.

Laszlo Papp


Kudos to the New Canaan Community Foundation for once again fulfilling its vision to bring our community together. On hearing our proposal to perform a concert in celebration of New Canaan’s teachers and staff, first responders, and all other Town employees, CEO Lauren Patterson quickly made it happen. The Foundation’s sponsorship made it possible to extend complimentary invitations to over 1500 workers who have given tireless and inspired service to our Town during the pandemic and over the years. Those who accepted were treated to a stirring performance on March 27th by a world-class sextet led by New Canaan’s home-grown piano virtuoso, Andrew Armstrong. 

Our enthusiastic and growing audience seems to want New Canaan Chamber Music to be an essential and permanent part of the rich cultural fabric of our community. We want that too. 

When live music was scarce due to COVID we kept performing: six concerts since our founding in October 2020. We’ve performed outdoors and indoors, online on Christmas Eve, for music students in the schools and for senior citizens at Waveny Life Care, and we plan to visit women’s shelters and correctional facilities as soon as COVID protocols allow.

It’s all about community.

Don’t miss our April 24th concert, which is dedicated to the brave people of Ukraine. 

Tom Butterworth
Chairman, New Canaan Chamber Music

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