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After thoughtful consideration, I have decided not to seek re-election as a Selectman on the Board of Selectmen in the upcoming November municipal election. 

It has been a tremendous honor to serve our New Canaan community for two terms as a Selectman, as well as previously on the Town Council and Board of Finance. 

I remain fully dedicated to fulfilling my responsibilities for the remaining five-plus months of my term, continuing to advocate for good governance and transparency, and to collaborate to achieve better master planning, responsible budget management, and effective communication throughout our community. 

While I will not be seeking re-election, I will actively support and encourage those individuals who are passionate about serving our community throughout the election season. 

Looking ahead, I will continue to serve as a board director in the corporate and non-profit sectors, and I remain committed to making a positive impact in other areas of public service. I am most grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the New Canaan community and beyond. 

With kindest regards,

Kathleen Corbet

5 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor

  1. Thank you, Kathleen, for your many years of dedicated service to our Town. Your collegial, levelheaded presence will be sorely missed.

  2. I will definitely miss your important position on the select group of three. I know you will continue to serve the town in many ways, and I certainly hope there is someone as good as you to take your place as selectman. I will try to live with hope – you have done a great job. Thank you Kathleen!

  3. Kathleen, thank you for your years of dedicated service to the Town of New Canaan. I count myself fortunate to have been able to work with you over the years. Your impact on New Canaan is both broad and deep and I wish you all the best in your next endeavors.

  4. Are you sure?

    You have been an amazing volunteer in a wide range of positions for our town. Please continue to ask the good questions!

  5. Kathleen – you have been marvelous! Thank you for your wise, level headed, informed, caring contributions to our town and our community of varied interests and concerns.

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