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Nick Williams has always been a leader who does what’s best for New Canaan.  Sometimes it is popular and other times it isn’t.  He is unafraid to reach out across the aisle or to disagree with others in his own party when that is what his principles and conscience calls for.  Like all of our local leaders, he has to balance his family and professional responsibilities with the various local leadership roles he has volunteered for in the past.  It is easier for me to remember to say this to people like Nick who I agree with on policy matters.  But to everyone who volunteers their busy time, we should all be grateful.  We’re all in this together.  As parents, taxpayers, homeowners, and neighbors, our interests are closely aligned even when our opinions diverge.  But I’d far prefer either a Nick Williams or a Kathleen Corbet making policies that impact New Canaan than anything that could come from Hartford.  Our town is special.  We can handle our own schools and neighborhoods from Main St.

Thanks, Nick, for the style and substance that you’ve brought to leadership.  This year will bring a turnover in local government but I, for one, hope to see you back sometime soon.  In particular, thanks for your choice to fill our open Board of Ed seat.  This is one of the most important governing bodies in New Canaan.   Your choice of Matt Campbell to fill the role is ideal.  As the highest vote getter in this summer’s caucus, Matt makes logical sense for an open seat previously held by the same party.  More importantly, Matt is someone who would lead in your example: putting New Canaan first.  Utterly unafraid to do what’s right.  Indifferent to partisanship.   He is his own man.  He will stop at nothing to represent the best interests of his children… and ours.

Thank you, Nick Williams, for your leadership and service to New Canaan.  Thanks for your advocacy for the next generation of leaders such as Matt Campbell to continue your legacy.  I’m glad that we have the chance to vote for Matt this November.  I hope we get a chance to vote for you again sometime soon.

Chris DeMuth Jr

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  1. Thank you Nick for challenging and questioning things that others may have swept under the rug (which day after day we all know was exhausting and disheartening, but still you prevailed). We are looking forward to this kind of transparency with the new First Selectman.

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